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  • The Church the Body of Christ
    619 S. Key Street
    Pilot Mountain, North Carolina 27041
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  • Phone 336-368-5119
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    Sunday School:
    Sun. 10:00 am

    Church Service:
    Sun. 11:00 am

    Bible Study:  
    Wed. 7:30 pm

    Intercessory Prayer:
    Thurs. 7:30 pm

  December 2018  
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The Vision

The Church the Body of Christ, Inc. Training Center is a purpose driven assembly. We are committed to teaching the truth in God’s Word. This Word will not fail. Lives will be changed and the steps of good men and women will be ordered by the Lord. John saw a number that no man could count. (Rev. 7:9)

Here, The Body of Christ will develop many of those that John saw and encourage them to take their place in God’s awesome plan. Through prayer, Fasting, and trusting in the Lord, and delighting in His ways with praise and thanksgiving, this church will affect the whole world. 
Many people from all nations will gather together under one roof to glorify and magnify the Lord. God has ordained it and we will proclaim it. God will build His people and His people build the Church. The foundation of both will be a strong tower. This assembly of people will concentrate on healing the whole man. 
We will seek the God of our salvation with all our hearts. Let us have faith for the vision that includes a sanctuary, factories, healthcare center, daycare, nursing homes, gym, airport and schools. 
The Bible instructs us to “write the Vision and make plain.” (Hab. 2:2)
  • Two 15 passenger vans (dual wheels)  
  • 26’-30’ tractor trailer (5th wheel)
  • Five Ford trucks (F450 or F550)
  • 16x6 concession trailer  (dual wheels)
  • Women’s dorm
  • Women’s dorm
  • Five companies with staff of 100 total
  • Purchase property next to existing church        
  • 16 acres of land in Virginia
  • Five churches                                                    
  • Missionaries in 7 countries
  • $1,000 one year to each missionary  
  • Training center in Arizona
  • Break stronghold of Mormons