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    Sunday School:
    Sun. 10:00 am

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    Sun. 11:00 am

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    Wed. 7:30 pm

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    Thurs. 7:30 pm

  December 2018  
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Thank you for allowing God to lead you in deciding to pursue church membership here at The Church, the Body of Christ, Inc. Training Center. We are humbled by the number of saints the Lord has led here to fellowship and become members. 

The Bible tells us that God is love, truth, merciful, and a God of decency and order. God the Father truly loves His children; therefore, He requires certain actions of His children so that we can fellowship with Him, obtain His blessing, and stand confidently before Him on the Day of Judgment. 
The Church the Body of Christ, Inc. also operates in love; teaches the truth; maintains decency and order; and renders mercy to all men. In keeping with this, we have decided on a few simple requirements for people to become members.
These requirements are:
Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior
Publically ask or agree to become a member
Read agree and sign the Statement of Faith for The Church, the Body of Christ, Inc. Training Center.
Complete the 6 month new members class with a passing grade
Request a release in writing from any other church that you currently maintain membership and filling out our release form. 
The requirements are designed to help develop you as a disciple of Jesus Christ; help you to become part of the assembly; protect you and protect the church. 
Please ask questions or give comments about anything in this document. In the meantime, we will place you in the Watch Care Program. Again, thank you for deciding to become a member of the Church the Body of Christ, Inc. Training Center. God bless you.